Date of birth 11/04/2012, Hipscore : A, Elbows : 0/0, Schoulders : 0/0, CEA/CH, TNS, CL clear by parents, Eyes clear by parents

Socialtest OK, Certificate in breeding LOSH, Pedigee LOSH


Lordkaya learns very quickly and is always ready to work. It has a very powerful musculature, and jumps extremely high. It can be very quiet if it has no stimuli. He comes from a sheep line by his father. He is very cuddly and affectionate.


Besitzer: Cecile Ghysels Kontakt über Viviane Nix 


Gingerbell New Loox fro Lunatale

Mirk At Cambiano

ISDS 214439

ASDS 246675

Gingerbell Zilaniya

Gingerbell Jinglejangle

Blexa ROI 02/63836

Catch my Dreams Inou

Sharilin Gijs

Illusion in Red from Border Paradise

Eby of Sunloch Valley

Funny Made of Sunbeams


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