Ice v.d. Weimeniershoeve



Registration NR. LOSH 1058195, red-merle,
 WT 08.04.2009,  CEA/RRA/KAT-Frei mit 6 Wochen, Glaukom frei, HD- B1, ED 0, SD (OCD) 0/0.
Ice is also tested for his spine ( free and normal ). DNA tested for IGS, SN (Sensory Neuropathy), CEA, TNS, CL, MDR1: free


Besitzer: Luc Smeets




Bryning Leap in the Dark
KCREG. AE01503504

  Canen Robin at Bryning
KCREG. AC0901180
ISDS 259545
Sadghyl Pip Me to Comebye
KCREG. R 0095419 R02
ISDS 193219
ISDS 235796
Bryning Niamh the Red Rocket
KCREG. AD0900869
ISDS 262197
ISDS 208092
ISDS 238791
Dylle of Maranns Home
LOSH 0966560
Ginnylands Red Arrow
KCREG. X 2713501 X03
ISDS. 206537
Ginnylands Red Hot Rumour
KCREG. V 4142604 V03
Arnpriors from Here to Eternity
KCREG. AD 01759802
CH. (SH.GB.)
Claygar Bootsy'n Snudge
KCSB. 0667 CJ
Arnpriors Andromeda at Falconmoor
KCREG. AB 03383805


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