Howy from the Cottage of Harmony "Koby"


* 17.06.14, 52 cm, 18,5 kg, saddel Pattern, Hips A1, ED 0/0, OCD free, Eyes CEA/PRA/CAT, gonioscopy free 2014/2017, Glaukom free
DNA Testing: CEA/TNS/NCL normal, MDR1 +/+, IGS free, Other health tests: heart ultrasound with double without findings

geprüfter verkehrssicherer Begleithund, HerdingInstinktTest (ABCD/ISDS) HerdingWorkingTest (CfBrH/VDH),
Herding Class 2 (ISDS), Agility grad 3



Mobil: 0049 171 3640751



Round Robin Kobe

Joe (ISDS 272330)

Cloverhill Mirk (ISDS 261549)

Meg (ISDS 249302)

Round Robin Gipsy
(ISDS 298946)

Kane The Big Saren

Luna Tale Colin (ISDS 277117)

Enny (ISDS 309024)

Marley Glen (ISDS 259295)

Behn Of Killiebrae (ISDS 220939)

Trim (ISDS 219485)

Sam (ISDS 301492)

Take Time Joe (ISDS 255447)

Sammie (ISDS 300487)


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