Gingerbell new Loox for Luna Tale "Loox"


Date of birth :12/10/2010, Hipscore : B1, Ellbows : 0/0, Schoulders (OCD) : 0/0, CEA/CH : normal, TNS : normal, CL : normal, Glaucoma : clear, MDR1 = normal +/+, cea/pra = free every year, Show result : Very Good, Socialtest : Perfect, FCI padigree. On his sire's side Loox goes back to outstanding working sheep dogs, and on the dam's side to sport dogs (agility, obedience & herding).
He's got 200% of drive and attention whenever he's working for you, and he's all peace and quiet when you don't pay attention to him. Training on new locations, between a bunch of unknown people, waiting for his turn while other dogs are working, ... all of that is just a piece of cake!


  Eigentümerin: Tania & Sabine 



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