Geronimo Alkyra "Jimi"


Date of birth :11/03/2011, Hipscore : A, Ellbows : 0/0, Schoulders (OCD) : 0/0, CEA/CH : normal, TNS : normal, CL : normal, Glaucoma : clear, MDR1 = normal +/+, cea/pra = free every year, Breeding license : YES,
FCI pedigree
This red saddle pattern dog is out of working lines (herding, agility, rescue and even IPO)
Bloodlines such as Astra, TJH, Rising Sun and Gulden Land will sounds familiar for many of you.
Jimi is very "cool" is his had so he's very easy to live with !!!
He has a perfect on/off bottom.


  Eigentümerin: Tania & Sabine 



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